HoloLam Plus®  

HoloLam Plus® is a full face holographic laminate for transaction cards (both secure and non-secure).  Decorative and functional, HoloLam Plus® is process friendly, print receptive, and engineered to exceed ISO7810 peel strength. This distinctive product is available in many standard holographic diffraction patterns, as well as custom designs.  In addition, HoloLam Plus® can be used to precisely register holographic imagery and artwork within the laminate, so each and every transaction card you produce accurately positions the image on to the card during production. This innovative product is manufactured under U.S. Patent No. 7,544,266 B2 and other patents pending.

With HoloLam Plus®, you can create credit cards, gift cards, phone cards, etc., that have a registered laminated image(s), giving you additional design capabilities, and the ability to effectively build in a variety of layers of security features such as registered holography and security inks, directly on to your transaction cards. In addition to holographic patterns, HoloLam Plus® is also available in brushed, woodgrain or marble patterns, further expanding your design options and truly setting your card out from the pack.


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